Policies & Procedures

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  1. Membership is open to persons aged 40 and over who are interested in enjoying snow sports and other activities together. Annual membership payment and signing of a waiver agreement is required to be a member in good standing.
  2. Membership size is not currently limited, but will be reviewed annually by the Executive to potentially establish a maximum size of the club in response to the evolving needs of the club.
  3. Memberships run from October 1 of the current year to September 30 of the next year. New members who join 4T+ after April 1 any year will have membership for the remainder of that year and the following calendar year.
  4. The Executive of 4T+ reserves the right to deny or revoke membership (either new or renewal) to any individual who is excessively disruptive to other members and who consistently violates the 4T+ Courtesy Guidelines.
  5. With the explicit approval of the Executive, memberships may be granted to a small number of members under the age of 40 for the purposes of encouraging renewal of 4T+. In no event will persons under the age of 19 be admitted as members.
  6. All club members will have the same opportunity for access to club events and will pay the same price.

Whistler Trips

  1. Finances of ski trips are based on committed sales to members. Trips may be sold to other members (and under some conditions to guests), and under some conditions exchanged for another unsold trip, but will not be refunded by the club unless the trip is cancelled by the club.
  2. The club does not have the responsibility for selling unwanted trips.
  3. Sleeping arrangements in cabins will be assigned by the Trip Leader for each trip. Trip Leaders are assigned by a member of the Executive.
  4. The maximum number of occupants for a cabin as stated on the wiki will not be exceeded.
  5. If members wish to invite guests (either members or non-members) to visit them at a Whistler cabin, they must secure the consent from all staying at that cabin. If those guests are participating in the meal, they should also contribute to the meal.


  1. All club events are organized for the benefit of members. Guests, over the age of 19, may be included in club activities if there is room for them. Guests will not be allowed to participate in more than two 4T+ events without becoming a member.
  2. Guests participating in events with fees will be charged a $5 premium on social events, other than the fall and spring general meetings, in addition to the fee charged to members. Guests participating in Whistler trips will be charged a premium of $10/night in addition to the fee charged to members. Guests participating in “Out of Town” trips will be charged a premium of $20/trip in addition to the fee charged to members. This policy will take effect after acceptance by the membership in November, 2015.
  3. Any guests participating in 4T+ active events must sign a waiver for each such event.


  1. Pets are not allowed to participate in any 4T+ activities.

Courtesy Guidelines

Updated November 2013

Car Pooling

The club encourages car-pooling, there is space allocated on the wiki or you can make your own arrangements. It is expected that a donation be made and accepted. This should help to cover gas, insurance and general wear and tear on the vehicle. We are suggesting a car maximum return to Whistler at $60 and local mountains $20. For trips to the interior, $200. If there are only 2 in the car split with the driver if more split between guests. It would be slightly less from the North shore and slightly more from Richmond. A one way should be slightly more as it prevents the driver from taking someone else return. 

Parking at Chalets

We try to reduce the number of cars by car pooling, but never the less, please park so that others can also use the driveways. There is lots of parking at WAC.


This is a social club and we try to have pot luck dinners on at least one and sometimes two nights. There is, however, NO obligation to participate in these events. If you can, please indicate exactly what you will bring for the meal when you sign up e.g. not just main, but Honey Curry Chicken, etc. It is easier to bring other dishes and wine that are complimentary. Please take your turn at bring a MAIN course; it does not need to be fancy. There is nothing wrong with buying a cooked chicken or two in Whistler or buying lasagna to bake at the chalet. Each member of a couple is required to provide one course. If you have cooked the main, we ask that the others clean-up that night. Everyone is responsible for their own drinks.

House Cleaning

Each chalet has a professional cleaner reserved after each complete trip. However, with the exception of the Whistler Athletes Centre, there are NO cleaners after trips when there are other trips following immediately. The trip leader will help you understand what needs to be done. We have listed this on the wiki under accommodations. You are sharing with other people, so please remember the spirit of the club and work together.


Disinfectant wipes are provided in each bathroom – please use it after your own personal use to leave spotless for the next person, i.e. no used toothpaste in the sink!


If you are aware that you snore and you are likely to share a room with another member it would be very thoughtful to bring ear plugs for them so that they can have a good night’s sleep

Cell Phones

Please be respectful of others and make your calls in your room alone or outside the cabin.


One of the main purposes of the group is to meet others who like to ski or snowshoe- if you are travelling up alone or are skiing or snowshoeing alone, please fell free to use the sign up sheet on the wiki to make arrangements to meet up with others.

Job Descriptions

  • President:
    • Chair and organize the executive committee meetings.
    • Coordinate the executive functions for the smooth running of the club – be knowledgeable of all exec activities.
    • Chair the general club meetings.
    • Occasionally undertake specific functions such as cabin coordinator and/or “out of town trips” as the need arises.
    • Support executive and club members in decision making and problem solving.
    • Support volunteer members for the summer activities.
    • Create a nominating committee for the following Elections:
      • Fall – President, 1st VP – Social, Secretary
      • Spring – Cabin Coordinator, Trip Coordinator/Membership, New Membership Coordinator, 2nd VP – Marketing, Treasurer
  • New Member Coordinator:
    • Receive all enquires and communicate positively with all potential new members using the policies and procedures information.
    • Membership Coordinator sends introduction letter – when received contact new member by phone & walk them through the WIKI and general policies etc.
    • Explain that emails come via “mailer” and they should be receiving information re events and that they have had all questions answered.
    • Call after the trip to ensure satisfaction
    • Attend executive meetings
  • Membership/Trip Coordinator:
    • Receive all membership forms and membership monies from new members.
    • Deposit cheques into bank account.
    • Inform all executive, especially Membership Coordinator, of paid up new members.
    • nitiate the Fall sign up process by obtaining the cabin availability dates from the cabin coordinator and creating a schedule of trip dates for the executive meeting in September.
    • Create a flexible budget regarding the trips with the potential occupancy rates forecasts.
    • Finalize the trip dates and circulate these to the membership for reservations
    • be present at the Fall wine and cheese meeting to coordinate the sign up process
    • Collect money for renewing memberships and trips and bank these keeping the treasurer informed of each transaction.
    • Ensure that waiver forms have been signed by each participant.
    • Maintain and inform the membership of sign up progress, changes and availabilities.
    • Coordinate with New Member Coordinator to ensure no one is forgotten.
    • Communicate with old members who have not re-joined to re kindle their interest
    • Attend executive meetings
  • Marketing:
    • Maintain the 4T+ poster and business cards
    • Organize the Fall marketing campaign to recruit members
    • Keep the “Keeper of the keys” supplied with business cards to hand out with the keys.
    • Attend executive meetings.
  • Social:
    • Select a location for the wine and cheese functions.
    • Organize the food and drink for the wine and cheese parties in spring and Fall
    • Obtain a social budget from Treasurer
    • Delegate other members to assist in the food/wine purchase, preparation etc.
    • Ensure that the party premises have been cleaned up
    • Organize Christmas party
    • Attend executive meetings
  • Treasurer:
    • Receive and deposit monies other than the membership and trip monies.
    • Receive bank account statements
    • Keep detailed accounting records and reconcile bank account
    • Keep track of individual expenditure categories – cleaning, chalets, wine and cheese etc.
    • Receive admittance monies for wine and cheese parties and have handy pens and labels for name tags.
    • Prepare detailed financial reports for the two general meetings
    • prepare a global budget once the trip budget has been prepared.
    • Prepare financial reports for the executive meetings
    • Ensure that there are three current signatures on file
    • Attend executive meetings.
  • Secretary:
    • Take, write and circulate the minutes for the two general meetings in Spring and Fall
    • Take, write and circulate the minutes for the executive meetings.
    • work with the New Membership and Membership Coordinators to keep email addresses current.
    • Attend executive meetings
  • Cabin Coordinator:
    • Maintain good communication between the club and the owners of the cabins.
    • Contact the owners in June/July/August regarding possible dates for the following winter.
    • Communicate these dates to the Trip Coordinator ASAP prior to the September executive meeting
    • Communicate confirmed dates/cancellations to the owners and WAC ASAP after the initial Wine and Cheese sign up party.
    • Watch all reservations for “interested” members who may or may n be attending trip.
    • Send out emails for open trip spaces
    • Modify WAC rooming list 2 weeks in advance of trip
    • Copy treasurer on rooming list and invoices
    • Receive all comments from the membership regarding the cabins. Where necessary communicate these to the owners and problem solve.
    • Contact the owners prior to the Spring General Meeting regarding the rates for the following winter. Help to decide if the trip costs need to be raised.
    • Send “thank you” notes to each owner.
    • Contact the Trip Coordinator to ensure that all participants have signed up for travel, meeting, food and duties for trips
    • Contact WAC with names of members who wish to book there individually.
    • Write cabin report for executive meetings regarding numbers of spaces etc.
    • Attend Executive meetings
  • Web Master:
    • The webmaster’s job is, as the name suggests the person who looks after the club website. The jobs include the following:
      • Keep the website up to date with basic information about the club.
      • Make the website attractive to possible new members.
      • Collect or create pictures and stories to add to the website.
      • Include words and phrases that anyone searching for a club like ours may use.
      • Pay for the website and domain each year and collect the money from the club.
      • Deal with the website provider AllOver.ca. The billing comes from KrogNetix.com and DotRegister.ca. registers our website. I have never had any separate dealings with DotRegister.ca, it is always done through AllOver.ca or KrogNetix.com.
  • The 4T+ MediaWiki Administrator
    • Assist in the maintenance of the Wiki website, our members only website. This is also maintained by the trip coordinator and membership positions. It is currently on a site owned by the company that Julie Mussenden works for so she does the essential portion of setting up the Wiki etc.
  • Vice President Positions

The Vice Presidential positions are where the individuals may be considering the presidential position in the future and will act as president when necessary. They may assume any responsibilities within the executive according to their own interests.