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Christmas Party

The club will hold its Christmas Party on Wednesday December 6th 2023 at 6.00pm. Reserved to members 2024, Sign up through SUG sent to you. Not a member yet, pls send us a note via Contact page.


Sea to Sky Snowshoe

The next 4TPlus snowshoe adventure is scheduled for Monday,   February 27th.  We will be going to Squamish and going up the gondola at the Sea to Sky recreation area.   The plan is to meet at the ticket office at 10:30 AM.  The gondola takes you up to the top of the mountain to a beautiful lodge with spectacular views.   There are a number of snowshoe routes for us to choose from.    Some are fairly flat,   short,   beautiful and well travelled.    Some are longer,  steeper,  just as beautiful and less well travelled so there are routes for everybody.    There is no avalanche danger on any of the routes that we will go on.   I propose that we go on at least two of these routes so some folks can choose the easier route and some can choose the more difficult one.   There are easy to follow maps on the routes so you just cannot get lost.

View from Lodge.

The longer and more difficult route will take about three hours to complete including time for a lunch stop.   This route is not dangerous but it is more challenging than routes we have gone on so far this year.   The shorter route will take about an hour or so depending on how many view stops are made.

The lodge has a huge patio which is a lovely place to sit and eat if the weather cooperates.   There are many seats inside the lodge as well.   The views from the balcony railing are spectacular.   There is also a cool suspension bridge right beside the lodge that is well worth a visit.   After our snowshoe trek ends we will meet in the lodge and either have a meal or at least have a coffee and some baked goods.   The food is excellent.