Change Password

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Follow these instructions to change your password.

Go to this Web page,
Enter your email address in the Username or Email Address field.
Click the Lost your Password? link at the bottom of the page.

Step 2.
The next page indicates that you will receive an email. No action is required in this step.

Step 3.
Check your email, look for an email that looks like the one in the below image.
Click the long link in the email, underneath the text “To reset your password, visit the following address:“.

Step 4.
You will see this Web page.
Note that a strong, long password is generated and shown in the New password field.

Step 5.
Enter a new password and remember it.
In the below image, Newpword20201 has been entered/typed into the New password field.
Click the blue Reset Password button.

Step 6.
You will see this confirmation Web page.

Use your email address and your new password to login and view the members-only Web pages on the Ski4TPlus Website.