2021-05-07 AGM Agenda

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Annual General Meeting (AGM) Spring 2020-2021 Season
May 7, 2021 7:00 – 9:00pm (1900 – 2100h)
Zoom Videoconference – Host Luke Lewandowski

  1. Call to order and introduction of executive
  2. Review of Agenda, request for additional items, and approval
  3. Review of minutes of AGM Fall September 25, 2020 and approval
  4. Agenda items:
    a. President’s Report – Cheryl Tomalty
    b. Financial Report – Solanges Santerre
    c. Membership Report
    d. Website Update – Luke Lewandowski
    e. Member suggestions for future activities that comply with BC Health Advisories during the pandemic (BBQ, hiking, kayaking, etc.) – Alastair Campbell
    f. Sun Peaks trip 2021 Update – Elizabeth Harrold
    g. Election of Executive
    • Call for nominations and current members willing to stand
    • Creation of Communication position on executive
    h. Membership Renewal – Solanges Santerre
  5. Discussion and Questions from the membership
  6. Adjournment